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Тула: памятник Хвосту:…First. I would like to say that psychology has newer been at such a low level as it is today. It has lost all contact with its origins and meaning. Now it is difficult to give a definition to the very term "psychology", that is to say: what is a psychology and what is the subject of it studying. And that is so, despite the fact that there have never been such a great number of psychological theories and books as nowadays... >>>>

…Traditional science says that language is the instrument of thinking. So, without identifying of features of the functioning of that instrument it is impossible to understand the course and characteristics of the thinking process. In his book A. Belousov set out a principally new approach to the problem. Through the whole work the author holds the idea that it is impossible to study psychology without knowing the bases of linguistics as whole and of phonology in particular. As well it is impossible to study linguistics without knowing the bases of psychology…>>>>

…Further diagnosis: semiotic triangle is a clear "sign" of distress, which takes place in modern semiotics and its related sections of sciences…

…This imaginary geometrical figure is the expression of very real problems!!! It is not difficult to make sure that each of its peaks is the concentration of controversy. And it is very clearly improved by U. Eko, an authoritative expert in the theory of triangles, who says that there is no end to the disputes among the symbol, the referent and the reference… [ЭкоУ. 2004, С. 63] >>>>

…The history of science shows that new theories have never started "from scratch", there are always predecessors, who are a parts of the basic ideas. Very often some parts of the ideas are expressed by several authors simultaneously. So it happened with all the correct physical theories: the classical electrodynamics, the theory of relativity, quantum electrodynamics, and others…

…And in this respect the principles of the unified theory of thinking are not the exception… >>>>

…The whole modern phonetics is based on the assumption that the sounds in the process of speaking follow one after another consistently and in a strict order. A. Belousov first proved theoretically the injustice of that assertion. Afterwards he found experimental data proving that the stream of speaking, in its large part, is not linen and that the phonetic units in practically every spoken word are delivered over each other, i.e. they sound and are articulated in parallel…>>>>

22. The bases of the unified theory of thinking. Part of the I. Language and thinking. – Tula, 2006. – 864 pp.
23. Белоусов А.В. О некоторых особенностях комплексного развития способностей // Тепловские чтения в Туле: сборник материалов межрегиональной научно-практической конференции / Орг. ком.: С.В. Антонова, В.А. Зюкин (председатель), Н.Я. Колобаева, Т.В. Рыбкина; отв. ред. Т.В. Рыбкина, отв. за вып. В.А. Зюкин; Тул. колледж искусств им. А.С. Даргомыжского.– Тула: ООО РИФ «Инфра», 2007.– С. 36– 45 (About some features of the integrated development of abilities)…
25. Белоусов А.В. К вопросу об односторонности развития языкознания // Труды 3-го международного форума «Актуальные проблемы современной науки». Гуманитарные науки. Языкознание. Часть 36. Самара: Самарск. гос. техн. ун-т. 2007. 80 с. С. 9 – 13 (To a question about the limitations in the development of the linguistics).
26. Белоусов А.В. К вопросу о линейности языкового знака // Человек в зеркале языка. Вопросы теории и практики. Книга 3./ Сборник статей, посвящённый 100-летию со дня рождения член-корр. АН СССР Ф.П.  Филина. / Отв. ред. А.П. Юдакин, акад. РАЕН. – М. 2008. – С. 76 – 86 (To the question about the linearity of the lingual sign)… >>>>

2. Белоусов Александр Васильевич // Тульские учёные накануне третьего тысячелетия. Сборник аналитических и информационных материалов. – Тула, 2000. – С. 83 – 83, 261 – 262, 277 (Belousov A.V. // Tula scientists on the eve of the third millennium. Collection of analytical and informational materials).
4. Коротков Э. Такая странная фонетика // Газета «Коммунар». – Тула, 1991 – 7 ноября . – С. 3 (Such strange phonetics).
5. Ошевский С.Д. Белоусов Александр Васильевич // Тульский биографический словарь. Новые имена. – Тула: Издательский дом «Пересвет», 2003. – С. 29 (Belousov A.V. // Tula biographical dictionary. New names)…>>>>

… In this section you can see the autographs in the books, presented by their authors to A. Belousov…>>>>
…Life is death, stretched over time. Life has only two purposes… >>>>

…The modern linguistics is totally separated from the study of non-phonological systems, that is helping neither the development of linguistics itself nor the development of mentioned systems…>>>>

Alexander Belousov’s Biography...


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